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The Technical Stuff

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Miss USA was built in 1980. She is a Jensen Slipknot Cassutt Serial number GDA – 002, registered as Experimental N- 5381.


Engine                       Continental O-200

Wing Type                 Owl Wing


Performance Facts

Top speed                 Secret

Landing speeds       Downwind 130 mph, finals 110 mph, threshold 100 mph, first wheel on 89 mph, second (downwind wheel on 82 mph)

Stall speed               ~70 mph (not there are no flaps trimmers or other lift / drag reduction devices.

Prop                           Twisted Composites

Rate of climb             1,500 ft/min (7.6 m/s)

Range                         450 miles (725 km)


Plane Dimensions

Wingspan               15ft or4.57m

Wing area                68 ft2 (6.3 m2)

Length                     16ft or 4.88m

Height                      4ft or1.22m

Empty Weight        500lbs (227kg)

Gross weight         850lbs (368kg)