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The Blondetourage


Ahh Yes.. The Blondetourage.. Who are they? What is their purpose? Why do seem to be having so much fun?


Who are The Blondetourage?



The Blondetourage is made of up of the fairer sex. They are our wives, girlfriends, friends and other unsuspecting females that have agreed to wear “the right kind of clothing” to support team Miss USA, with impromptu photo shoots, support of Formula 1 events, and inappropriate behavior that only our girls know how.


What is their purpose

If you ask the Pilot (aka stick wiggler) the purpose of the Blondetourage he would tell you it is to provide him with the moral support he needs to fly Miss USA around the pylons at over 200mph 50ft off the ground. If you ask the Pit crew, it would be to provide them with everything they need to release the plane to the pilot. Our girls know exactly what means and they never let us down. Be it entertainment, food, support, a shoulder rub, they are never there when we need them. They are usually off having fun in someone else’s pit drinking their booze and learning all they can from the other teams. They are our secret weapon. Our crew chief constantly has to remind them that they are supposed to “Go forth and gather Intel and not just party”