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The Miss USA #40 Team

Miss USA Logo - FINAL1

The 2014 MISS USA #40 team is comprised of a whole gaggle of people, from pilot, chief pit boss, crew chief, engineering crew, “The Blondetourage”, Team Patron and members of the “Moral Support Club” Everyone has an important part to play in the success of our racing season, from the stick wiggler to the Moral Support Club. After a successful win in the Silver race, the team posed for the traditional TEAM PHOTO.
















2012 Team photo taken with Precious Metal


















The Pilot: aka. SPH



Kevin “Blade” Broughall – is Co-Crew Chief

Mark “Can make and fix anything” Ter Keurs – is Co Crew Chief and race builder extraordinaire

Ben “Torque” Wilson – is Chief oil and beer drainer. (and manual starter if the electronic ignition fails to work)

Julian “Don’t shoot me” Mixicology Hicks – is team manager


Team Patron, Mentor and Guide:

“Jaeger bomb” Thom Richard


Support.  Moral and otherwise:

Oliver “Thumper”  Wheeldon, Inspiration and landing technique

Tim “The Moose” Manna, Ground support and aviation archeologist

Keith “The Tosh” Halsey, Weapons, humour and night-life

Matthew “Mad Dawg” Sullivan, Madness and more madness

Hopi “Where you at? “Hathaway,

Al “Alkasellza” Kinsella, Team psychologist and randomness


The Blondetourage:

Miss Kelly “Prin’cess”, team icon and Chief pit bitch

Christine “The Doctor”

Gemma “Bambi; I’m not blonde, I’m from Australia”

Rebecca “La Bex”

Ashlee “Babe One”

Marissa “OK OC?”

Terry “Are we on honeymoon again?”

Michaela “Mac”


It is not uncommon for us to have some major work that needs to be performed on Miss USA during racing week. Come on by and find us in the hangar to chat about what we are doing, why and how we plan to win. Below are some pictures, from the last couple of years, showing most of us hard at work, tweaking Miss USA to go faster and faster.

Mark (on the left) and Ben (on the right) in the middle of reattaching the oil tank


Ben using a pair of Aircraft/Racing safety wire twist pliers IMG_9887

Steve Tumlin catching some zzzz’s after a long day of racing

Reno Air Races 2011 311

Ben checking internal camera housings and positions

Reno Air Races 2011 287